Tricks of the Light

More than just a show...we create a memory.

The Dragon and the Warrior

No.9 Photography

Cyricx Portrait

Kelsey Byram Art


Emily Lynn Photography

Cyricx the Fire Breathing Dragon

Emily Lynn Photography

Floating Fire Orb

P.S. Linden Photography

LED Fans

Kelsey Byram

Viollca Portrait
Kelsey Byram Art
Fire Sword Fight

Wolf Photography

Cyricx Dragonstaff

Daniel Kraemer

Tricks of the Light

Fire  ♦  Comedy   ♦  Dance

Kansas City's premiere fire performance duo, Tricks of the Light dances with flames, draws with light, and fights fire with fire. Their performance defies the danger of the elements.

Featuring the talents of Cyricx, the martial arts master, and Viollca, the graceful dancer, Tricks of the Light’s mastery of exciting and unique fire props such as nunchucks, the “dragonstaff,” hula hoop, and swords thrill audiences young and mature alike. With over 20 years combined experience, the duo has a proven record of safety. 

Their interactive style of stage show has been developed from years of busking. By mixing fun antics and playful banter with excitement, drama, and dance, they elevate fire spinning as a performance style.

Tricks of the Light does more than put on a performance – they create a memory.

  • Fire and LED (glow) poi
  • Fire and LED staff
  • Fire and LED hula hoop
  • Fire breathing
  • Fire and LED nunchucks
  • Fire swords
  • Fire and LED Fans
  • Fire and LED double staves
  • LED ISIS Wings
  • Fire Dragon Staff
  • Flow Wand (illusion)
  • Contact juggling orbs (illusion)
  • 8-Rings (illusion)
  • Buugeng (illusion)
  • Silk Fan Dance

Tricks of the Light is insured through Performers of the US, for $1mil per occurrence, on a $2mil general aggregate policy.

Our motto on fire dancing is, "Create the illusion of danger, but be as safe as possible for everyone involved." We regularly perform at a wide variety of venues, including indoor venues, and so we bring experience and safety knowledge to each performance.

We are happy to do corporate events, rock concerts, weddings, festivals, Renaissance Faires, private parties, bachelor/bachelorette parties, birthday parties, street busking, workshops, and more!

Notable Recent Events Include:

  • 8th season as Tricks of the Light at the Kansas City Renaissance Festival, after performing for 5 seasons with the Sonic Sidhe Tribe. Voted "Best Stage Show" four times! Kansas City Renaissance Festival, Bonner Springs, Kansas
  • 8th year as Feature Performers at the Lawrence Busker Festival. Lawrence, Kansas