Tricks of the Light

More than just a show...we create a memory.


The performers of Tricks of the Light are experienced, professional entertainers who have been wowing audiences at weddings, Renaissance Festivals, corporate events, fashion shows, rock concerts, birthday parties, and more for over 10 years.

Typical Gig Duration:

Stage shows generally run 5 – 60 minutes at a time. For Renaissance/Busking style, we do up to five 45-minute shows per day.

Walkabout performance, with frequent breaks, can go for several hours straight.


Tricks of the Light Show is based out of the Greater Kansas City, Missouri area. We are happy to travel on weekends.

Stage/Setup Requirements:

Outdoors: NO low hanging branches or other objects directly overhead. Minimum of 15x20 ft clear, relatively flat area.

Indoors: Well-ventilated room with high ceilings and large open stage.

The client is responsible for securing permission for fire performance from the venue.

Additional Notes:

Shows are done by two performers, Cyricx and Viollca, unless otherwise requested. A three-performer show is an extra fiery spectacle! Pricing includes transportation up to 50 miles (pricing will be adjusted for additional mileage). If special permits are needed, required fees are not included in pricing. If budget allows, we can bring in affiliate performers to create an extra-large, pure luxury fire spectacle!

We can provide an “additionally insured” certificate for an event if given 30 days notice.

Set List:

A typical outdoor 30-minute fire show begins with a fire-breathing intro, then kicks into high gear with fire solos by each performer, a fire duo choreography, several more fire solos, and two fire duo choreography pieces to finish the show off. If a third performer is brought in, the finale is a 3-person choreography.

A 30-minute “LED/Glow” show will be mostly solos, with LED tools such as double staves, staff, hoop, and puppyhammer, and a couple of duos with LED tools such as nunchucku and poi. Depending on the lighting situation, a “Dancing Lights” show may also contain illusion tools such as contact juggling and flow wand.