Tricks of the Light

More than just a show...we create a memory.

Sexy Fire Fan Dance

P.S. Linden

Hear Viollca Roar

Russ Matthews Photography

Fire Breathing at the 2012 Kansas City Renaissance Festival

Michael J Epstein

Viollca with Fire Double Staves

Kramer Photography

Fire Gypsy Dancer Ready for Action

P.S. Linden

Fire Performers at the Lawrence Busker Festival 2013

Heather Collier

KC RenFest 2014 Fire Breathing

Russ Matthews Photography

Fire Performance

Suitable For:

Renaissance Festivals (Stage Show), birthday parties, themed parties (Luau, Medieval, Renaissance, Circus, Fire & Ice, Red Hot, etc), theatrical productions, or anywhere else fire is allowed!

Standard Performance Description:

The handsome and mischievous Cyricx, along with exotic and enchanting Viollca, entertain your audience with their playful banter, and dazzle you with their mastery of the flame. A mix of solo fire spins and intricately entwined duo choreography.*

Our fire show can be highly interactive (verbally) with the audience, guaranteed to get your audience revved up, laughing, and clapping along; we can also perform a theatrical spectacle of dancing flames and daring stunts.

View our Renaissance Faire promo video here, or our showcase fire promo video here.

Performance Lengths:

A fire show can range from a single 3 minute piece to 1 hour of non-stop fire!

*If you are interested in a larger show, we can bring in a 3rd Tricks of the Light performer, and add in 3-person choreography. For an even larger show, we have affiliates with a proven safety record that we can bring in as guest performers for your event!

Highly skilled in the Fire Arts:

click on a link below to watch a 30-second demo of the prop as used in performance