Tricks of the Light

More than just a show...we create a memory.

LED Fans

Kelsey Byram

LED Glow Staff RAW Artists Kansas City

Brandi Nicole Photography

LED Fans in Action

Kelsey Byram

Glow Automaton Toys

Mark Leaver

LED Glow Entertainment

Suitable For:

Themed Parties (techno, steampunk, rave, futuristic), Clubs, Festivals, Theatrical spectacles. LED/Glow is the show of choice for situations and venues where fire is not appropriate or feasible. The optical patterns are more techno-vibe and visually entrancing than our interactive fire shows.

Standard Performance Description:

Sit back and enjoy an entrancing feast for the eyes! Non-stop, ethereal performance of dance and precise technical skill with a variety of glow tools.

Our glow show uses a variety of premium LED props, including Pyroterra Fans and Contact Staff, high-quality “Flowtoys,” and features an Astral Hoop. LED tools produce spinning, often strobing lights in a variety of eye-catching colors. Rather then focusing on story telling and audience interactions, a Glow show features a brilliant spectacle of scintillating patterns, colors, and illusions.

Click here to watch our short LED/Glow demo video on YouTube.

Please note: various LED props do use strobe-like effects.

Performance Length:

LED shows are better suited to "Ambience" performance rather than "Stage Show/Center of Attention," and so length of performance is malleable to your event schedule.

Glow Arts Extravaganza

  • Poi
  • Staff
  • Hoop
  • Double Staves
  • Nunchucku
  • Long Meteor
  • Fans