Tricks of the Light

More than just a show...we create a memory.

8 Rings Illusion

Rnee' O'Bannon

Magic Orbs

Wolf Photography

Buugeng and 8 Rings

Mark Leaver

Gypsy Dance Fans

Michael J Epstein

Gypsy Magic Levitation Stick

Patti White

Viollca Contact Juggling

Russ Matthews Photography

Walkabout Entertainers

Explore the realm beyond fire! Optical illusions guaranteed to delight your eyes and confuse your senses. Watch Viollca dance with crystal balls gliding magically across her skin, or with a shimmering wand floating around her body. Be entranced by the metallic bubble – or is it just a couple of normal metal rings? – traveling down Cyricx’s arms.

Watch Viollca dancing with the flow wand

Watch Viollca contact juggling

Watch Viollca manipulate 8-Rings