Tricks of the Light

More than just a show...we create a memory.


  • "Tricks of the Light Fire Crew, thank you for putting on such a cool show at our June Jaunt Fest!! We loved having you guys! You guys Rock!!" - Christina Hayes
  • "My children and I truly enjoyed your show. My six-year-old is totally enamored with Viollca. If you would like to post/share any of these photos, please do so. We loved the expressions on your faces and my children are still using lines from your show in their own play." - Wendi Jones
  • "I cannot wait for this weekend!!! Your show is a must see :)" - Kristi Harper
  • "Great show last Sunday at the renfest! My son loved you guys so much we had to watch you twice!" - Jonathon Hackett
  • "Amazing as always! Always love seeing you both perform. Always the best way to end a night at renfest!" - Jennifer Kandyl Johnson
  • "We will be there yet again to see most likely the best act in the entire fair!" - Thor Oden
  • "My Niece is the little girl dressed as the mermaid yesterday that gave you her fairy stone after the show. She was so impressed with you and liked you so much. At one point you said “make some noise and let us know if you like it” she kept yelling “I LIKE IT!! I LIKE IT!!!” hahaha :)" - Christina Woods
  • "Saw your show today at the Ren Fair! It was awesome!" - Jerry Stewart
  • "“You both were really great tonight! Wonderful performance." - Rex H Prior
  • "You all were so absolutely terrific – the boys were talking about it for the rest of the camp and boys that came back the next weekend for Webelos Camp were STILL talking about it. Had lots of leaders and parents seeing pictures on facebook and wishing they had been there. You all were SOOOO awesome – we have many people asking us to incorporate you back into whatever themes we have next year as well. Thanks again so much!!!!" - Annette Bauer
  • "Thanks for coming to Council Grove! We enjoyed your performances!" - Enid Greer Crabb'
  • "AWESOME SHOW GUYS!!! THANKS AGAIN :)" - Katie Moreno
  • "You guys are crazy, wrapped up in flames of awesome!" - Saucy Jack Tar
  • "You guys are awesome! Keep up the good work!" - The Kansas City Renaissance Festival