Tricks of the Light

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Would you like to learn object manipulation or fire safety from Tricks of the Light? We are available to travel to festivals, and we occasionally teach classes around the Greater Kansas City Area as well.

Fire Safety Workshop for Spinners and Spotters

With foundations in years of fire performance, Cyricx and Viollca teach this jam-packed workshop with an intense emphasis on safety, knowledge, and caution in the fire arts. Our goal is for every student at the end of the workshop to have gone from "Fear" of the fire, to "Respect" of the fire. Fear leads to mistakes and panic, respect leads to caution and calm. This workshop is a great intro and/or refresher of fire safety for spinners and spotters alike. We address the 4 major topics of fuel, clothing, tools, and spotting/extinguishing through hands-on learning. Attendees will learn the properties of the various fuels used (and which ones to never use), how to identify fabrics that are safe to wear, how to safety-check your tools, and how to put out both a tool and a person on fire (yes, hands-on learning for both). Misconceptions, dangerously false info, and questions will be addressed throughout.

Rope Dart

Not currently teaching.

Fan Dance and Manipulation

Fans are a versatile prop that often aren’t used to their full potential. Viollca will take you on a whirlwind tour of fans, blending “Flow” and “Tech” into a beautiful balance. We’ll first find our “style” of movement, so that when we start learning “tech,” we can learn it in our own style. You perform like you practice – if we don’t practice the “tricks” using our own style, then they will never become more than just tricks.

We will explore fan manipulation using a variety of techniques including spinning, gliding, flipping, twisting, and waving. We will learn these techniques through a “sampler” choreography – a short piece that uses every technique once, and which can be elaborated with your own style.

Beginner Poi

The great thing about learning from two teachers is that Cyricx and Viollca have very different teaching styles. Between the two of us, we are sure to be able to help everybody understand and accomplish the basics of poi – timing/direction, and the beginner moves of 2 and 3-beat weaves, hip and shoulder reels, butterflies, and transitions.

Intermediate Poi

Geared towards the level of the participants, this workshop goes beyond the basics of poi, introducing participants to stall technique and stall patterns, hybrids, and exploring the various ways tricks can move around our body.

Fire Tool Fixes

We’ll go over the basic techniques of quick fixes and long-term fixes for your fire tools, as well as how to best maintain and care for your fire tools. Bring damaged fire tools for discussion, questions, and advice.